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The objectives of the Consumer Communication exercise should be as follows:
To draw the attention of mall visitors towards the new format
To promote the offering: emphasizing on the Taste, And Nutritional Value
Differentiate our offering from that of the competing category of beverages
Convincing our customers of the value, taste of our product portfolio
The following categories would form the target groups, age-wise for the venture:
Kids, looking out for Indulgence without the approval of Parents, especially with regard to the cold drinks and beverages.
The young adults (15-26) Age group who look for value conscious bargains in return for a feel good factor.
The elderly, seeking nutritional value
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For eg. Providing pink ribbons on the occasion of Mother’s Day to drive home the association with the Great
Family Nourisher. Other activities/themes could be special promotional activities such as distributing comics to commemorate release of movies like
Spiderman 3 etc.
d) Since one of the major objectives of having the format in Malls is to build the brand, visibility amongst the customers, brand related promotions could be conducted. Holding a nation wide recipe contest where in the winning recipe would be made available at the retail format could be an example. Similarly using the branding area to create a Visual story of the brand could be other measures. e) Conducting Lucky draws, slogan contests, and provision of coupons to customers celebrating their birthdays, students celebrating their results could be other promotional schemes conducted from time to time.
f) Since the mall activities pick up only after 1830 hrs in the evening, we could conduct a Happy Hours concept where in on purchase of a drink before 4 pm the customer would be given a discount on the Cold Drink.
g) To cater to the movie going crowd, group purchase offer could be considered.
For customers ordering more than 7 drinks at a time, attractive assured gifts such as Movie Tickets, CD’s could be given away as well.
h) Showcasing the product in a sporty, attractive manner could create delight.
Giving miniature Flags to children on the purchase of special

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