Promotional Mix : Marketing Mix

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The promotional mix is one of the four sections of the marketing mix, which is in the marketing plan. The marketing mix consists of product, place (distribution), price and promotion. The promotional mix has several components to it, which include advertising, public relations, sales promotion, personal selling, and, in this day and age, social media. The most important concept to learn about the promotional mix is that, no matter how good the product, the price, or the distribution of a good or service is, the product will not survive in a competitive marketplace if it doesn’t have strong promotion. The promotion of a good or service is extremely vital to a company’s ability to sell the items in their marketing mix. In a way, promotion is a lot like communicating. Humans are constantly communicating with one another, whether it be to communicate feelings, ideas or facts. When marketers are promoting a product they are constantly using emotion, facts and ideas to communicate to potential target markets about their goods and services they are trying to sell. Advertising is the first element of the promotional mix. Advertising can come in many different forms, from multimillion dollar campaigns to newspaper advertisements. Traditional media advertisement is the most commonly used form and happens to be the most effective way to reach consumers. Examples of traditional media advertisement are television commercials, newspaper, billboards, radio, and magazines. Technology…
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