Promotional Mix for the Tide Racing Campaign

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Promotional Mix for the Tide Racing Campaign There are hundreds of different ways top notch companies promote their products. When companies combine the many promotional methods used to promote a specific product, they represent the promotion mix for the product. The promotion mix is made up of four elements: advertising, personal selling, public relations, and sales promotion. Our assignment was to collect five items from the promotional mix in one campaign. Tom Utz works as a salesman for Proctor & Gamble. He works directly with the Nash Finch wholesaler based out of Minneapolis, MN, which owns several grocery chains such as Buy N’ Save, Albertson’s and Econo Foods. Tom specializes in selling laundry detergent soaps such as…show more content…
However, personal selling oftentimes has the greatest effect on consumers. I have obtained a business card from my Uncle Tom as a form of personal selling. Tom does quite a bit of personal selling to local retailers. He tries to persuade the retailers to buy large quantities of P&G detergents in order to sell them in their stores. As a salesman, good communication skills are required to be successful in his career. Tom will have good eye contact, smile a lot, and try to connect to the person he is selling to. He does an excellent job of persuading retail store managers into buying their product over a competitor. Public Relations Public relation is the broad set of communication efforts used to create and maintain favorable relationships between an organization and its stakeholders. Public relation uses several forms of promotion such as annual reports, brochures, event sponsorship, and sponsorship. I have a Tide Racing brochure giving information about the program and how it works. The brochure offers hundreds of facts, photos, and sales promotion offers with the NASCAR events sponsored by Tide. I also have a CD made by P&G with Powerpoints, data, and movies stored on the CD. The CD is handed out to loyal Tide customers who enjoy NASCAR racing. Proctor & Gamble also has a quick link on their website to the annual sales reports for the company. This offers useful information to the stakeholders of the company. All

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