Promotional Speech : Super Bowl Commercials

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Super Bowl commercials have become extremely risky. Recently, many commercials have focused on just entertainment, and some have even included inappropriate language, scenes or gestures. Keeping the cost of producing and airing a commercial in mind, some companies should definitely reconsider how they create their advertisements for the Super Bowl. Large corporations who use advertisements during the Super Bowl seem to make their commercials too entertaining and corporations lose the importance behind the ad. Yes, the ad needs to provide some entertainment and needs to have a catchy theme, but if people who are watching cannot understand it, or think that the ad contains risky topics, then what is the point? The ad may not really provide…show more content…
If enough people do not watch the commercial or buy the product, then that particular business will have to reconsider their marketing strategies, so making the advertisement appropriate for all ages can boost the audience and revenues also. Commercials have grown to become more and more entertaining in the past few years, especially those played during the Super Bowl. The game has become known for its humorous, action- packed ads, which feature hot celebrities and new technologies. These ads seem extremely popular and get known for their creativeness, mainly since so many people watch the Super Bowl. Some people even watch the Super Bowl merely for the advertisements, and could honestly care less about the actual game. Due to the fact that companies have focused so much on attracting people to their company by putting out funny and creative advertisements that stick in people’s heads. This sometimes works as a good thing; however at the same time, this can also work against them. Many times, businesses try too hard to add the humor in, and they lose sight of what the ultimate goal actually is. These commercials can become confusing or strange to a number of potential customers if they don’t understand, causing them to turn away from that specific business. According to Professor Thales Teixeira in “Creating the Perfect Super Bowl Ad”, he says “TV viewers lose
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