Promotional Strategies Of Mcdonald 's Company Essay

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This case study is about promotional strategies of McDonald’s that how McDonalds is able to be successful in every country. McDonalds was founded by Mac and dick in California, us in it is a leading fast food provider with more than 32000 restaurants around the world. It serves approximately 60 million people in 117 countries. It uses different kind of road signs and logos to attract customers and make itself a unique restaurant. Different promotional strategies are used by McDonalds for marketing products and services, like promotional strategy, advertising, print media, TV commercial, social networking, public relations and many more. Main issues of McDonalds in this case study are like increasing the number of drive-thru in India and china as these countries are amongst the most populated countries. McDonalds is also concentrating on MacAfee’s as they have a pending program that includes installation of about 100 MacAfee in Germany as well as trying to refurnish their kitchens operating system. There have been no new hot product in market around this time last year, on the other hand, competitors have been introducing the new products in market so it can be a cause of concern for McDonalds. McDonalds have been serving the customer best and will be doing the same in future as well,
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