Promotional Strategies and Plans Are Critical Successful Factors for International Hotel Groups in This Market Share

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According to Intercontinental Hotel Group Website (2009), “the global hotel market has an estimated room capacity of 18 million rooms.” On this global hotel market, brand hotel has 45% of the total market. Indeed, the six major international hotel groups are estimated to 41% of the branded rooms and 18% of the total market. Promotional strategies and plans are critical successful factors for International hotel groups in this market share.
According to Michael and Lodato (2006:52), the main goal of the promotion “is a function of informing, persuading, and influencing the buyer’s purchase decision.” Therefore, promotion’s aim is to target markets and distribution channels. Moreover, Promotional strategy “refers to a controlled, integrated
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According to PR Newswire (2010) “Accor wishes to reinforce its corporate image and create preference for the Group and its brands.” Accor’s objective in the “smile” campaign is to take picture of portraits. Nine smile of different persons nationalities are used to represent Accor daily engagement employees.
Price is also a critical factor which influences international hotel chains’ promotional strategy. “The impact of price promotions needs to be carefully evaluated in the planning stage to protect core revenue business and brand image” (Bowie and Buttle 2004:169). Effectively, price is part of the marketing mix. It has an impact on customer’s international decision. According to Baker and Angelopulo (2005:166), “sales promotion is more or less effective depending on the price.” For example, Marriott on its website has a section dedicated to exceptional price. The objective of this advertising is to encourage the customer to book as soon as possible. Then, earlier the customer reserves more important the discount is. Customers need to reserve fifteen days before their stay to get a 14% discount on their stays price. Customers go up to 30% with booking 30 days before their stays.

The market or customers factors is the second part of the promotional strategy and plan referring to Kurtz at al. (2009:495) these factors include the target market, type of buying decision, political and social factors.
According to
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