Promotional Strategy for Wooden Flooring Company

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Synopsis for prospectus: (2pages) Product promotion is one of the necessities for getting the brand in front of the public and attracting new customers. There are numerous ways to promote a product or service. Some companies use more than one method, in many cases this depend on the marketing purposes. I will use digital marketing. The initial idea for the project is to make promotional strategy for wooden flooring company that is currently struggling with the business. They had worked very hard in the past to build up their business, however the experience and relationship with other companies has placed them in position of a beginner without anything to support their branding. I found out the big problem, that stopped the improvement of the company is luck of visual communication. My aim is to bring branding identity of the company to the public and also to commercial audience. The main product I will produce is a website with e-commerce aspect, which will be supported by dynamic series of banners. Another part of the project be a simple promotional game for wooden flooring company. I will be focusing on the unity of style and presence of the project. Visual communications will be the key to successful promotional strategy. Successful advertising involves making services positively know by the public side most likely to use them. I will be creating branding image, that colligate with the services and its product in graphical way. The layout, logo and style will be kept

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