Pronouns And Antecedents

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"Pronouns and Antecedents"

I would like to tell pronouns and antecedents to make your writings better who 'loves' reading.Pronouns and antecedents helps you a lote. We learned in class that three pronouns help you write a story. They are, subject pronoun, object pronoun, and possessive pronoun. In your writing you use all of these because you want to make the writing more interesting and lest repetitive. Subject; Pronoun is a personal pronoun that is the subject of the verb. Example, "He and I mowed lawns." Object; pronoun is a personal pronoun typically grammatical object. Example, "I love my parents." Possessive; pronouns are pronouns showing possession, for example mine, yours, theirs, hers. This is why you use pronouns and
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