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Pronto Pizza is a family-owned pizza restaurant in Vinemont, a small town of 20,000 people in upstate New York. Antonio Scapelli started the business 30 years ago as Antonio 's Restaurant with just a few thousand dollars. Antonio, his wife, and their children, most of whom are now grown, operate the business. Several years ago, one of Antonio 's sons, Tony, Jr., graduated from NYU with an undergraduate degree in business administration. After graduation, he came back to manage the family business. Pronto Pizza was one of the earliest pizza restaurants to offer pizza delivery to homes. Fortunately, Tony had the foresight to make this business decision a few years ago. At the same time, he changed the restaurant 's name from Antonio 's to…show more content…
Tony hoped that he had collected sufficient data to allow him to determine how he might improve the delivery operation by reducing the overall delivery time. Assignment Tony has asked you for some assistance in interpreting the data that he has collected. In particular, he needs to know if the true average delivery time for Pronto Pizza is greater than 25 minutes. Use the data in the file PRONTO.XLSX to answer his question. A description of this data set is given in the Data Description section. Also, examine the data for further information that might help Tony in making his decision about the 29-minute delivery guarantee and in improving his pizza delivery service. The Case Questions will assist you in your analysis of the data. Use important details from your analysis to support your recommendations. Data Description The data file contains the data collected by Tony Scapelli over the past month on Pizza deliveries. Data are recorded for each delivery order placed in the manner described below. The variables are defined as follows: Day: Day of the week (1=Monday, 7=Sunday). Hour: Hour of the day (4-11 pm). Prep Time: Time Required (in minutes) to prepare the order. Wait Time: Time (in minutes) to prepare the order. Travel Time: Time (in minutes) it took the car to reach the delivery

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