Proof Of The Resurrection

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Proof of the Resurrection Before one can prove the resurrection, one must demonstrate that Christ died on the cross. Many people in the world think that the claim to resurrection was an elaborate hoax. The Qur'an contends that Jesus went to India and died there. The night before his crucifixion was scheduled, Jesus was under so much stress that he sweat blood, a condition called hematidrosis. This disorder would also make the skin very fragile, so when the Roman soldier flogged Jesus the next day, his skin would be oversensitive. As the scourging continues, his back would become shredded from his shoulders to his legs. He would have bled so much that he would have gone into hypovolemic shock. Hypovolemia makes the heart beat faster, the blood pressure drops, the kidneys shut down, and he would be very thirsty. Jesus would be in severe to critical condition just from the beating. At the site of the crucifixion, Jesus would have been laid down, and his wrists would have been nailed to the cross beam with five to seven-inch-long spikes. Then crossbeam was hoisted up and attached to the vertical stake; then his feet were nailed to the cross. Jesus arms would have stretched enough to dislocate both shoulders. This upright suspension caused his diaphragm to be locked in the inhale position. He would have to push up with his feet to exhale, then relax and inhale. As breathing slows down the carbonic acid would increase, causing an irregular heartbeat, which along with the rapid heartbeat caused by low blood volume, would cause heart failure. Heart failure would cause fluid to build up around the heart

Anthony 5 and the lungs. When the soldiers put the spear in his side, it would have released the edema around the lungs and heart, and blood would have come from the hole they made in his heart. At this point, Jesus was dead. Next to be proven is that the body of Jesus was buried and three days later the tomb was empty.
A prominent member of the Sanhedrin, Joseph of Arimathea, requested that he be given the body of Jesus to bury. When Pilate granted his request, he took Jesus’ body down from the cross, wrapped it in burial clothes, and laid him in a new tomb. The Christians would not have
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