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Reply to the editor/reviewers:
Reviewer A:
1. Proofreading performed.
2. All patients received cemented fixed bearing implants. We have added the post-operative tibial-femoral angle to Table 1 as requested. It was comparable between the BMI groups (unlike age which was significantly different) and hence was not included in the multiple linear regression analysis.
3. The patients included in this study are only those with single medial compartmental osteoarthritis. Patients with pre-existing patellofemoral arthritis were excluded.
4. Statistical significance was defined as p-value <0.05
5. Added the detail of treatment for fracture UKA patients and the outcomes.
6. We have added a paragraph reporting the difference in pre-operative KSS knee score, OKS and SF-36 physical component score (comparing severely obese group to control, overweight and obese
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In our study, there were 6 medial tibial plateau fractures. Half was from the control group and the rest were one each from the overweight, obese and severely obese group. Hence, we could not correlate the relationship between BMI and UKA fracture.

Reviewer B:
1. Proofreading performed.
2. Agree with the small sample size of morbidly obese / superobese patients. It is the limitation of this study.

Reviewer C:
1. In our institution, the outcome scores were only measured at before surgery, 6 months and 2 years post-surgery. Due to multiple reasons, outcome scoring was not done beyond 2 years. The follow-ups after 2 years were mainly to see if patient develop any new complaints which to be addressed upon.
2. We have added the mean BMI recorded in each of the 4 BMI groups in Table 1 as advised by the reviewer.
3. The complication rate was 5 (2.2%), 10 (3.5%), 5 (4.0%) and 2 (6.7%) in the Control, Overweight, Obese and Severely Obese groups respectively (p=0.931). This was found throughout the follow-up period. Our study found comparable complication rate and improvement in functional outcome across the 4 BMI
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