Proofs That the Earth Is Spherical

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Proofs that the earth is spherical View the earth from a distance. Ever picture taken from space probes show the earth to be spherical and to be in circular shape One of the oldest proofs that the Earth is spherical occurs during the lunar eclipse when the moon moves through the Earth's shadow. The Moon's shadow moving through the Earth is always shown as a round edge. The only solid that constantly projects a round shadow is the circle/ sphere. This proof has roots going back to ancient Greece. Looking ahead we see a horizon meaning that our perspective is circumscribed by a finite plane. There can be two reasons existence of a horizon. The first is and this is what medieval individuals believed that the earth stopped at some point and we would tumble off. The second is that eth world is spherical. Before invention of compass or sextant, ships that went on long voyages simply disappeared and never returned. People believed that travelers had dropped off the edge of the world. Columbus's trans-Atlantic voyage with his improved navigational tools sundered that belief. Columbus had traveled round the world, had returned bringing back not only a new country, but also shattering the belief that the Earth was flat. Newton's theory of gravity showed that the digit inherent in the force of gravity could be tested wherever the theory was known. Since this number making up the force of gravity was more or less consistent all over the Earth wherever gravity occurred this implied
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