Propaganda And Its Effects On The World War II

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axis forces, they made the mistake of dropping leaflets on their own front lines in order to reach the most soldiers at once, so MO made counterfeit leaflets and dropped them on the axis front lines telling the troops false information; Skorpion was terminated and they had to claim that all Skorpion leaflets were counterfeit to flush out the fakes (War Report Vol.2, p. 301). As you can see MO was able to create effective propaganda that created confusion on the battlefield. Propaganda will be different in other wars because of the evolution of technology and a greater understanding on how to counteract the efforts. However, the effect that the propaganda causes is something that will be pursed and replicated in a different medium. Counter-intelligence is something the CIA would need to continue to focus on in a wartime situation in order to stay two steps ahead of the enemy. The department X-2 was created in the OSS to work as a counter-espionage department during World War II and its objective was described, “It embraces not only the protection of the intelligence interests of the government it serves, but, by control and manipulation of the intelligence operations of other nations, it performs a dynamic function in discerning their plans and intentions as well as in deceiving them. An effective counter-espionage organization is therefore an intelligence instrument of vital importance to national security” (War Report Vol.1, p. 188). Counter-intelligence works in a much
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