Propaganda And Propaganda In 1984

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George Orwell’s, 1984, features a futuristic dystopia known as Oceania. The story is cast through the main character, Winston Smith. Winston is employed as a records editor at the ministry of truth, living a depressed life with no clear hopes or dreams. The government of Oceania is a totalitarianism whose goal is to conquer the entirety of the earth and remove all independent thought. These goals were being achieved through mass manipulation using various tactics. The party created a new, reduced langauge, altered history, fought decade long wars, and used specific wording to manipulation the population. Orwell wrote this story as he saw these harmful acts being performed by his own English government. As a warning to those unaware, 1984…show more content…
The party announced one day that the chocolate rations would be decreased from thirty grams to twenty grams. The next day it was announced that the ration was raised to twenty grams. This means the the ration stayed the same yet the citizens of Oceania rejoiced from this news that they believed to be excellent. The party is able to use language to convince the population that something has increased when it really stayed the same. The ministry of love and truth use deliberate manipulation of language to hide the reality of daily life. The ministry of love is largely responsible for misery, fear, suffering and torture. It acts as a prison for anyone who was committed thoughtcrime. The building for the ministry of love has no windows and is surrounded by barbed wire to prevent people from escaping until the party has said it is ok for them to leave. By saying that the barbed wire is there to prevent people from escaping until it is ok to do so, makes it seem as though the party is working for the benefit of society. The party tries to make it seem as though the people held in the ministry of love are bad until they believe exactly what the party wants them to believe. The ministry of truth is responsible for creating propaganda and falsifying historical records. One of Winston’s assignments is to invent a biography of a fictional soldier named Ogilvy. Winston notes that once the forgery is forgotten,
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