Propaganda During World War II Essay

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Looking back on the history of the world it seems as if propaganda has always been there, whether it is with war or with election many will always see the different sides battling it out with the poster against the other. Propaganda was especially popular during world war one and the lead up to world war two, as well as the aftermath of both the wars. Propaganda was also one of the main ways for different leaders of the world to show people their power or why they should help in the wars. For this paper, each student was allowed to pick one of three movies to watch. Each movie had to deal with propaganda within a different country and time period. After watching the first ten minutes of each film it seemed the most interesting was about the Nazis called “Triumph des Willens.” The reason being to see and hear more about the time of being under Hitler’s power. The film was created in 1935, four years before the start of the second world war, and was directed by Leni Riefenstahl. It is important to see this documentary because they are seeing more of Hitler than what many are told in school and making sure it is seen for generations to come so this time is never forgotten. During the duration of the film, the audience is getting see the parades, assemblies, and some of Hitler’s speeches, with getting to see what is was like during this time if one was in Germany before the start of another world war. This film starts off as a very calm atmosphere compare to how many think of
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