Propaganda Has Been Used Since The Time Of War, And Can

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Propaganda has been used since the time of war, and can be as dangerous as war itself. For if there is no propaganda there is no war. Propaganda is a tool used for centuries used in order to convince a group of people to believe in certain things and support certain causes. All great leaders, at one point or another, have used propaganda to gain followers and increase morale. Adolph Hitler knew this better than almost any individual, and used propaganda to convince his followers to believe in things such as antisemitism (Hatred of the Jews). Hitler knew that in order to win people over he had to attack their emotions, for if he could win their emotions he could win their hearts. This led him to have a very theatric approach to leadership.…show more content…
It was the trademark of their rebellion and served as a constant hope in a better future. In the text book, Western Civilization, Perry states, “Their despair over the condition of their nation turns to hope, and they derive a sense of belonging and mission” (Perry, 469). This was the beginning of the movement and the initial use of propaganda. We see further use of propaganda with the seven commandments of animal farm. After the rebellion, and the animals won over the farm, the pigs naturally took the lead. They came up with the seven commandments of animalism, which all animals are to follow. This consisted of rules such as no animal should walk on two legs, and no animal should kill another animal. All of the animals were excited about the rules, and began to remember them as soon as possible. Orwell states, “All the animals nodded in complete agreement, and the cleverer ones at once began to learn the Commandments by heart” (Orwell 25). Then throughout the story the pigs manipulated the commandments for the benefit of themselves and convinced the animals that the commandments are the same as they always were. Squealer was a brilliant speaker with a lot of charm who was always able to convince the animals, who weren’t very intelligent, to believe whatever he said. For example, one rule in the seven commandments is no animal should commence trade or receive money from human beings.
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