Propaganda In Julius Caesar

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Art and architecture consist the expression of society’s ethos and moral character; they function as its mirrors. Especially during times of crisis, change or instability, they reflect the state of its values. When we look back in Rome in 27 BCE, the time when Augustus Caesar founded the Roman Principate and became its first emperor, art served as one of his media to first claim, then establish and finally stabilize his domination. As Paul Zanker comments “rarely has art been pressed into the service of political power so directly as in the Age of Augustus” .

Augustus was a political genius who accomplished to establish peace (Pax Romana which is sometimes called Pax Augusta to honour his name) and stabilize his position as the Roman emperor between his rivals with great ingenuity. In order to understand the statement above, we need to discuss
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The use of propaganda throughout time, especially when it comes to politics, is a common and widely adopted means of predominance and influence of the masses. However, looking back into history, few people of power and politicians used propaganda as successfully and effectively as the first emperor of Rome, Augustus Caesar.

As briefly mentioned-above, over time Augustus dramatically altered the balance of power in the Roman governance system without seeming to do so; indeed, in Res Gestae 34.3 he explicitly claimed, “I exceeded all in influence, but I had no greater power than the others who were colleagues with me in each magistracy” .

To understand Augustus means of influence to his audience and his agenda is to understand the man himself as well as his ambitions for the Roman Empire. In an attempt to categorize his work, it can be claimed that Augustus had two main themes in the use of propaganda. The first theme was correlated to his concern to establish himself, his right to rule and his influence, while the second one was his ambition to create and maintain peace and
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