Propaganda Is Spreading Of Information

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Propaganda is spreading of information aimed at influencing people to think in a way and support a specific cause. The information spread through propaganda, can either be negative or positive just as the cause being supported may either be just or unjust. The term has a negative connotation, especially when used in political circles to refer to the rumors and lies politicians tell electorates to turn them against other politicians, governments or so that they end up being voted into office (Trueman). Everyone is susceptible to the influence of propaganda. However, its impact is more pronounced among the youth and the less educated as compared to the older generation and scholars. Propaganda has existed for as long as the beginning of…show more content…
During his reign, Hitler used propaganda to create hatred of Germans against the Jews and consequently, the persecution commenced with the national policy of coordinated persecution of the Jew (Trueman). The hatred towards the Jews residing in Germany was fueled by their then leader Adolf Hitler. In his book, Mein Kampf, Hitler refers to Germans as being the superior race. He noted that the superiority of the Germans was under threat by the Jews. He, also, referred to the Jews as a lazy population that had contributed nothing to the civilization of the world. He accused the Jewish race of introducing harmful vices such as prostitution and pornography. He also accused the Jews of being behind German’s defeat in the First World War. On taking power, Hitler ensured that anti-Semitic ideas against the Jews were spread to all. He mistreated them with the hope that they will end up emigrating from German. During his reign, the hostility towards the Jews increased. Many restaurants and shops denied Jews access. In some parts of German, Jews were denied entry into public parks and public means of transport. Germans were incited not to seek the services of German doctors or lawyers. Jews in public service for instance teachers and journalists were laid off from their positions (Simkin).
The result of the immense hatred was the genocide that led to the death of nearly 6 million Jews. The genocide is what is
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