Propaganda, Propaganda And Propaganda

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During World War 2, there was no shortage of propaganda created. Propaganda was one of the most useful weapons as it slowly but efficiently turned the public’s eye. Used by both the Axis and Allied powers, the flood of propaganda seemed to drown almost every country in the war. Out of all the countries though, the widest range of propaganda, and the most cringe worthy could be found in America and Japan. While the Nazis propaganda was nasty and cruel, the steady stream was moderated. While UK and France overflowed with propaganda, it was rallying for people to join the war. But America and Japan had no limits, pumping out billions of propaganda posters, advertisements, even toys inspired by the war in the Pacific Theatre, creating the most tension-filled content that stretched over even the Pacific, and had Japan and America at each other’s throats. The propaganda created a void of ignorance in which both countries’ citizens and military fell in, opening up a biased and racist environment that turned hostile turns the end of the war, that still to this day is present. The range of content in America and Japan were both vast, swallowing the culture and society, and even was directed at the children of both nations. Disney was an important propaganda producer at the time in America. According to Lisa Briner, a member of the Army Heritage and Education Center, “During the war, over 90 percent of Disney employees were devoted to the production of training and propaganda

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