Propaganda Through Film : The Military Train And Viva Freedom

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Propaganda Through Film: An Analysis on Propaganda in The Military Train and Viva Freedom What is a propaganda film? The simple answer is that a propaganda film promotes what they see as positive and desirable images and discourage what they see as negative or not desirable images to their audience. This paper will analyze The Military Train (1938) and Viva Freedom (1946). These two films have two completely different political viewpoints. In the Military Train, being that it was the first pro-Japanese government sponsored films and it was made during the colonial period in Korea, the views expressed in this film were pro-Japanese government in Korea. Viva Freedom was the first film that was made in Korea after achieving independence from…show more content…
This point because clear in the Chief’s speech, in his speech he said “Troop transportation is of the greatest importance. We expect you to be loyal and play your part faithfully. We expect you to be prepared and to do your best… The only demand is for your full capacity and loyal attitude. We will embody the spirit of the Japanese Empire through our duty... Be one body and do your best not to disappoint the Chosun Railroad.” After his speech, he follows by emphasizing the point to Jum-yong, “As you might understand you do not belong to yourself. You belong to the Japanese people. Our future depends on you.” This propaganda is an attempt for the Japanese government to advertise as national goal the assimilation of Koreans into the Japanese state. The Japanese wanted Koreans to accepted their leadership and ideology. Therefore, the film continually emphasizes its message of serving and having allegiance to the Japanese government. In the film, Won-jin betrays the Japanese government by disclosing information on the train whereabouts to a Chinese spy in exchange for 2000 won. However, in the film Won-jin was remorseful on his decision in doing so. Before anything happens, he told Jum-yong about his wrongdoings by saying, “I was corrupted into a puppet spy. I committed a terrible crime to society.” As a way for Won-jin to show his remorse for his wrongdoings to the Japanese government he committed suicide. In his suicide note, he said, “As you’re carrying out the

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