Essay about Propaganda Used During War

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Propaganda Used During War

Propaganda was used to mobilise the minds of the nations towards war; Propaganda can be explained as telling lies to make people believe a certain thing. But the meaning is much broader then that, it can be a complete lie, but it can be the half-truth, or it could be the truth exaggerated. In basic terms it is making people believe something that they are not entirely told the truth about.

Propaganda was used in 3 main types of ways in the First World War. It was used to keep up morale, this is when the truth maybe tampered with to make it seem Britain are being successful in this war, and to make it seem like they are winning. It was also used to create hatred and
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Examples of Propaganda to keep up morale would be, Films these made to show that the British were winning, e.g. 'For the Empire', This showed that they were patriotic. This also supported the war effort because the title emphasises the patriotic side of the war. Even children's games were being supportive of the war; playing cards were made to show patriotic pictures of British soldiers. Also a lot of children's games were made to show that the Germans were cowards and treacherous, whereas the British Tommy was seen as brave modest and courageous and everything that the German's were not. This was done because if they could 'brainwash' the children then they would have soldiers in the future All of these were selling well so propaganda was working in this department. Short cartoons like' Bully Boy' was made, this was a short cartoon to make fun of and ridicule the Kaiser (emperor). This would be making fun of the German's and this would make a lighter side to the war so everyone isn't all serious, this would also create a small amount of hatred towards the Germans.

There was another film called 'The Battle of the Somme', this was a film brought out to take advantage of the 3,000 cinemas across Britain. The film actually showed dead bodies and casualties from the actual battles. This film was very much aimed at creating hatred towards the enemy
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