Propaganda Vs Ww1

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War can be disastrous and deadly by any terms. In the past, wars war fought with arrows and swords; then technological advances led to single-shot rifles and cannons. The further the human race got with technological advances, the deadlier war had gotten. This led to civilians and military personnel dying at any time. Buildings and homes being demolished in a single blow. Propaganda spreading hysteria and fear in a matter of weeks instead of months; the difference being the propaganda lasting months and the trust of the governments of nations being skewed from the people and an assassination was the finishing blow to spark a world war. That is exactly what happened with The great war or World War One.
Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was the presumptive heir to
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The melancholy part was the fact that many were executed before they got the chance to flee to neighboring countries for freedom. The Turks or Ottoman Empire was a caliphate under sultan Abdul Hamid-II. They had reasonable suspicion of the Armenians being superior to the Turks and had resentment for their education and wealth and were Christian on top of being loyal to Russia. It was at this point; the sultan didn’t seem to like the Armenians. On April 24th, 1915, the Armenian Genocide began. The Turks arrested and executed seven hundred Armenians in one day.” There was a group similar to world war two’s SS, called “The young Turks.” They were the Sultan’s murder squad or “butcher battalions” to make sure the genocide runs smoothly. As one officer of this “battalion” mentioned “the liquidation of the Christian elements”. They drowned people, burned them at stakes, forced them to jump off cliffs to their deaths, or crucified them in the manner consistent of the crucifixion of Christ. These killing squads were comprised of murderers, ex-convicts, rapists and many of the Turkish
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