Essay about Propaganda and Euphemisms in the Animal Farm

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In Animal Farm, the pigs use propaganda and euphemisms to achieve and self promote their desires. One way propaganda is used is when squealer gives a speech about how the apples and milk are a necessity to the pigs’ diet. Secondly, the pigs decide to let Moses the raven live on the farm so the animals will accept their current life. The pigs use the euphemism readjustment of rations to seem like they are not taking much food from the animals and special education to refer as puppy training. Propaganda and euphemisms are used by the pigs. First, Squealer persuades the animals on the farm that the pigs are keeping the apples and milk for their health even though the pigs enjoy these items. In Animal Farm, squealer says the following: …show more content…

The following is from Animal Farm; “Many of the animals believed him. Their lives now, they reasoned, were hungry and laborious; was it not right and just that a better world should exist somewhere else? A thing that was difficult to determine was the attitude of the pigs towards Moses. They all declared contemptuously that his stories about Sugarcandy Mountain were lies, and yet they allowed him to remain on the farm, not working,with an allowance of a gill of beer a day.”. In this quote the narrator shows how the animals lives are and how the pigs say Sugarcandy Mountain is lies but continues to let the animal believe in it. The pigs use Moses’ stories so the animal accept the conditions of life on the farm and to continue to do work and not rebel against Napoleon as leader. Finally, the pigs use two different euphemisms to promote themselves. The first euphemism is readjustments of food said by Squealer, this was used so it did not seem the pigs were taking food from just fixing the amount. The food was reduce for everyone but the pigs and dogs while the other animals starved a bit that winter. Squealer also lied to the animals in the following quote: “In any case he had no difficulty in proving to the other animals that they were NOT in reality short of food, whatever the appearances might be.” Squealer said to the animals that the pigs did not take food from them which the pigs actually did do. Another euphemism is when Napoleon said he was taking the

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