Propaganda and Persuasion Casted in the Media

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Propaganda is performed through print, audio, and visual mass media. It is used for the promotion of the public’s activities in their life such as purchasing goods through market propaganda, and it is also found in politics, foreign affairs, and in many other fields. Most importantly propaganda is depicted in the informercialization of the news, which is connected with subliminal advertising and commercialization of public events and individual promotion such in communication websites. However, there is great debate over propaganda and persuasion that is casted in the media, which I will be elaborating in this essay. The capital, compounds power over people for personal gain, involving their time in greater production and reproduction aiming towards the public. This happens in order to persuade the public leading them to the promotion of desire on purchasing goods (Geral Sussman, 2012, triple C, “Systemic Propaganda as Ideology and Productive Exchange, 474-487). The gain in this is turning the public into materialists. This is promoted through advertising, displaying goods for purchase. However, today advertising is more sophisticated than the earlier days, it is still something that is around the public and they come across it on a daily basis. The advertising aim is for mass persuasion selling goods, ideas, and one could also think that they try to sell a certain lifestyle to the public that is considered likeable. Politics are also involved in adverting on selling

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