Propaganda during World War II

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Disparity is the state of being unequal or different in some respect. This brings to inequality being lack of equality and also the distance toward the rich and poor. Poverty is when having very little or no money and very few or no material possessions. As for development is the act of improvement meaning gaining, expanding, or enlarging. Inequality and poverty can cause a country not to develop well, unless you have a good strategy. In this case I will show you a developed country (Spain) and a under developed county (Chad). I will do this by explaining four disparities of the same for both countries. Those disparities are total population, unemployment rate, and condom use. The geographical location of Spain is in south Western…show more content…
As for Spain their unemployment rate would be 20%. So for this case they seem to be fine with the proper ages of working and those who are dependent of the workers. In my opinion to why Chad doesn’t have an unemployment rate is because in order to be unemployed you must have a job and in order to have a good job you must be educated, which Chad does not have. As for Spain though has the process of education, work, and unemployment with the cycles of ages meaning the dependents and workers. Third and final would be the use of condoms which is interesting due to Spain only using 37.7% and Chad at 14.3%. Spain was the most surprising because they are educated and don’t use condoms so much. While Chad is uneducated and of course hardly uses them they wouldn’t really seem notice the bad deal to it. In my opinion since Spain is more educated they should have had used the condoms and should consider them more since they know the consequences unlike Chad. In order for Chad to understand more they must make a well educational system and programs about staying protected or it can lead to diseases as well. My MEDC Spain needs to address the fact on developing a global partnership for development because they seem to have everything in order for them that they should help out others like LEDC Chad. They can do this by developing a program with many people and figure out a plan on
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