Propagation Techniques That Could Be Used During Asexual Plant Propagation

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a) Describe THREE propagation techniques that could be used in Asexual plant propagation. Technique One: Budding Name of plant chosen: Citrus 1. The first step in Budding is to choose the rootstock and budwood for the citrus plant budding. When selecting the rootstock make sure it is healthy and strong and less than 7 years old but at least as tall as 30cm. Make sure bud is not a flower bud. 2. The next step is to prepare the rootstock for the budwood. The best way to do this is to cut a T-shape about 20cm above the ground. Vertical cut should be 40-50mm and horizontal cut should be 25mm. This will allow room for budwood. If the rootstock is not being used right away cover the cut with damp towel. 3. The next step is cutting the budwood off your desired citrus plant. When doing this makes sure you use a clean and sharp knife. When cutting the bud off make sure you cut a 3cm sliver of bark with the bud in the centre of it. The same with the rootstock if the budwood isn’t being used straight away cover in a damp towel. 4. The next step is actually putting the budwood in the t-shape incision made in the rootstock. You need to fold back the flaps made by the incision in the rootstock and place the budwood inside. Make sure the bud is facing in the correct position, so when it grows it grows upward. You then fold the flaps back over the budwood, but leaving the bud exposed. 5. Now you either use budding tape or something that can fasten the bud to the rootstock but also
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