Propanganda Used in The Hunger Games Essay

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What would you do to survive? To get the chance to return to your home, embrace your loved ones and breathe the sweet air of victory? In ancient times, around 200 BCE, men were taken as slaves and were put in huge areas, were they had to fight their opponent to the death. This was a form of entertainment for the Roman Empire, and was also a form of dominance, to show the control the Roman Empire had over its people. As Jack London said, “Kill or be killed, eat or be eaten, that was the law.” The same can be said for the dystopian society that Katniss Everdeen inhabits. The government uses the annual hunger games as a form of propaganda, to remind the citizens of their past rebellion, and as a means to control them and their actions in the…show more content…
Katniss never would have left District 12 if the thought her family wasn’t safe. She knew she was very lucky to have someone so close to her, who would do whatever it took to take care of her family while she was fighting for her life
Katniss knows that the maker of the games, will not just throw her into the middle of the area with no training or guidance. That is why she and fellow contestant, Peeta, are given a mentor named Haymitch. First appearing drunkenly incompetent, and seemingly useless, he says “You don’t interfere with my drinking, and I’ll stay sober enough to help you.” (Collins.???) Haymitch is a winner of the hunger games and knows what takes to survive is. Haymitch knows that it winning the hunger games is not all about brute force or sizable strength. It is also about getting citizens to like the tributes, so they will sponsor them and send items in times of dire need. Katniss is very stubborn, and does not consider herself to be a real people pleaser. Neither does Haymitch, as he tell her “You’ve got about as much charm as dead slug.” (Collins..) Katniss does not really believe that charm is very important and has the mindset that if she can just stay alive on her own, she has a chance of surviving. Luckily, Katniss meets Cinna, the man who styles her for all of her interviews and events. They have an immediate connection and Cinna knows how important that people recognize Katniss, because being recognized could save her life.
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