Propellants : Propellants And Propellants

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Rocket propulsion is a class of jet propulsion that produces thrust by ejecting stored matter, called the propellant. The propellant term includes two categories, liquid and solid propellants. Solid propellants are the oldest and most used for missile propulsion, since they are easily stored over liquid. After World War II, it was thought that the liquid propellants were going to have a true monopoly in the exploration of space and solid propellants are limited to rocket and low-power devices. In fact, the considerable progress made in the preparation processes, packaging of solid propellants and the relative simplicity of these propellants made of them very serious competitors to the liquid propellants.
The double base propellant (homogeneous) represents one category among the categories of the solid propellant. It is a group of materials used for self-propulsion and their combustion is ensured by the two basic components, the nitrocellulose gelatinized by nitroglycerin. This homogeneous mixture forms a compound providing energy properties necessary for propulsion. The name of propellant homogeneous is given in opposition to the family of composite whose combustion is provided by two different components, an oxidizing agent and a reducing agent together with a binder constructing an energy matrix [1]. The manufacturing process has a very important impact in modifying the double base propellant characteristics such as mechanical properties, chemical properties, physical…
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