Propeller Display

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i. Abstract 5 ii. List of figures 6

Chapter 1. Introduction 7
1.1 Literature survey 8
1.2 Block Diagram 9
1.3 Overview of Project 10
1.4 Overview of Block Diagram 11

Chapter 2. Hardware Design 12
2.1 Interrupter Module 13
2.2 Mechanical Assembly 15
2.3 Power Supply Module 18

Chapter 3. Software Design 19
3.1 Overview of software used 20
3.2 Algorithm 21
3.3 Flow Chart 22
3.4 Pseudo Code 23

Chapter 4. PCB Design 25
4.1 PCB designing steps 25

Chapter 5.Results and Conclusion 26
5.1 Interrupt module testing results 27
5.2 DC motor RPM
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That’s why this project is named as ‘PROPELLER LED DISPLAY’

Basic principle behind this project:
POV (Persistance Of Vision):
This is the phenomenon which is related to vision capability of human eye by which an after- image is thought to persist for approximately 1/25th of a second. So, if someone is observing the images at a rate of 25 images per second, then they appear to be continuous. The best example of this property is the red circle we observe when we rotate the firecracker or incense stick in circle.


In this section we will emphasize on detailed overview of each of the block shown in previous block diagram. In every description of the block respective schematics and working is explained.

The propeller display consists of following blocks, as shown in the block diagram.
1. Interrupter Module
2. Microcontroller
3. LED module
4. DC motor
5. DC power supply

1. Interrupter Module
Interrupter module is our sensor module, consisting of the IR interrupt sensor MOC7811, from Motorola Inc. This sensor was selected from a variety of other alternatives, because of its small size, precise interrupt sensing, and sturdy casing.
One great advantage of using this module is, interfacing it with the microcontroller is just a matter of two resistors and a general purpose transistor. Following is the complete circuit diagram of our
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