Propelling Club Med Back to the Top of Their Game

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Since its inception in 1950, Club Med was a leader of its own. However, with the emergence of other vacation services organizations, Club Med soon lost its unique edge. Competitors such as Jack Tar and SuperClubs now included their own versions of “Club Med magic” – an all-inclusive price and a dedicated team of staff. Giraud must now decide how to create a sustainable competitive advantage for Club Med. He must consider the different aspects which will allow the company to innovate while keeping in check the industry’s structure, culture, service, and above all ” – keeping the “Club Med magic” alive. Evaluation of Alternative Solutions To offer something that no other company can offer is what will propel Club Med back to the top of their game and re-coup both sales and market shares. Several opportunities exist for both Giraud and Club Med to explore, which includes: Brand and Positioning: Since the 1970’s, Club Med had a reputation of being the host resort for swinging singles and sex-oriented individuals. As their average customer profile ages, Club Med should look towards positioning the company to grow with its main clientele. By re-branding and positioning the company as family- oriented, it will attract another market segment that other companies have not reached. In addition to positioning itself as family- oriented, Club Med should also look towards positioning the brand to be more upscale and luxurious. This will allow it to compete with Jack Tar’s more
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