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With spring cleaning just around the corner for your home, you need to spend just as much time spring cleaning your office. From actual cleaning to preparing your schedule, getting everything in order can boost your productivity at work. Remove the physical and mental clutter from your life as you spring clean your office, mind and home.

Start With Your Workspace

It can be impossible to work when your desk and office space are a mess. Start by cleaning your office space and removing any clutter. You want to clean and de-clutter as much of your desk as possible. For the best productivity, you should have at least 80 percent of your desk space empty. If paper work is distracting you, remove it or find a filing cabinet for it.

Use the same
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Mindfulness is a type of meditation that helps you to focus on the important things in life. During mindfulness, you focus entirely on the present and allow your mind to accept events as they occur. When you practice mindfulness regularly, it can help you to reduce the impact of distractions on your mind. In addition, mindfulness helps you to determine the things that are really important. You become better grounded, so it is easier to accomplish your to-do list and stay on track.

Setting the Optimum Schedule

You are only given so many hours each day to complete your goals. To make the most of this time, create a schedule. Start by prioritizing the work that you need to do first and save the less important tasks for later. On a calendar, you can group the activities that are similar, which decreases the amount of time that it takes to complete them. For larger tasks, break them into smaller pieces on your schedule. This makes them less daunting to begin and ensures that you will have enough time to complete them.

As you make your schedule, do not be afraid to ask for extra help. Whether you need help cooking dinner or completing a project, there are people around you who can lend a hand. With the right preparation and spring cleaning, you can make the upcoming months as productive as
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