Proper Patient Care Of The Elderly 2

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Many people come through the doors of health care facilities for numerous reasons. They come, sometimes scared of the news they are about to receive or with extra baggage like financial issues, personal issues etc. These things problems cannot be separated from the physical problems that plague human beings. Doctors and health care providers must wear numerous hats in order to provide a complete health care. This is a growing issue, that health care providers are not completely treating their patients. Human beings are very complex, so the care that is to be provided to treat them, should also work together to treat all the aspects of human beings. This is an apparent problem, especially in the older generation. Many older Americans are not getting adequate health care, sometimes they are neglected because of the way society views the elderly (Thewlis, 1946, p. 27). Society looks at the elderly in a very negative way, which results in poor health care. These older individuals have carried with them a life full of baggage and personal problems. Many times they fill health care facilities because as these individuals ' age, more and more thing go wrong and the cost of treatment starts to take a toll on the elderly patients and their families (Yelon, Luchette, 2014, p. 23). Some times, their psychological pains can also impact their physical pain. Many elderly patients feel lonely, depressed,…
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