Properties Of Mechanical Properties And Characteristics Of Pines

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Physical Properties:
Pine tree has thick and scaly bark from which a lots of branches arises. These branches are arrange in spiral manner.
Pines tree are evergreen plant. They have leaves whole the year on their bark. These leaves are needle like in shape.
Pine reproduction is carried out via cones which contain male and female sex organs.
A few pine plants also produce nuts that are used in human diet.
Pines tree are also used as decorative purpose. They are also known as Christmas trees.
Their life span depend on type of species, different species have different life span.
Mechanical Properties:
Mechanical properties refers to those properties which effect performance of wood species. Mechanical properties may include specific gravity, strength, movement and stability.
Strength tensile of Pine tree which is also a type of mechanical property is described as follows:
In static bending it is about 70-90 MPa.
In compression parallel to grain is about 40-49 MPa.
In tensions along the fibers is about 100-116 MPa.
Modules of elasticity in static bending is 8.0-13.1 GPa.
Technical and
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There is two type of force affecting pine tree, these are horizontal and vertical forces. This horizontal force is due to wind factor and the vertical force is due to gravity. The horizontal and vertical forces are substantiated by the total turning moment applied at any height of the stem. A tree is assumed to be fall down or break, if the total turning moment exceeds the support provided by the root soil plate anchorage. The ability of any tree is depend upon its root mass, the depth and the diameter of the root soil plate and also on properties of the soil. When a tree is displaced by the force of the wind, the weight of the root and the soil helps to hold down that tree in oppose to win velocity and thus resist the overturning of forces. In case of pine trees these two forces plays important
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