Properties Of Phosphorus 31 System Essay

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1) Properties of Phosphorus-31 system: Ideal phosphorus system has Relatively high mass difference between large and small isotope ratio (Large isotope: Small Isotope). It has high natural abundance so, we can easily measure practically. It is also related to Even Magic mass number. This type of system participates in many forms of fractionation. This system should be conservative in the process. Generally, sources are limited to others and quantity. It may be related to the signal such as high noise in the system. Phosphorus-31 is also little bit less sensitive than proton and somewhat higher sensitive than carbon. It has also wide chemical shift range. Application of P-31: Phosphorus is mainly used in NMR spectroscopy (Nuclear magnetic resonance). It is one kind of analytical technique because it has 100 % isotopic abundance and relatively high magnetogyric ratio compare to other isotopes. It has also spin of ½ which makes spectra easy to understand and interpret. It also used to assay purity and to assign structure of P- containing compounds. By using this, we can resolve it within its characteristics. As we discussed, In NMR, P-31 use widely particularly in Monitoring reactions, Measuring epoxide content of carbon nanomaterials and Assaying sample purity. 2) There are so many isotope systems has application based on the radioactive decay of isotope and buildup of the same isotope. Ar-Ar dating system is one of them. In this system, the key is that
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