Property Crime Report

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Overview: This paper presents statistics on major factors that affects the property crime rates in the U.S. Abstract: The property crime rates of 45.7% occurs more in urban areas. About 16.8% of the crimes were committed by high school dropouts and only 0.4% of the crimes that occurs were related to the population density. The type of property crimes that happens includes larceny-theft, home burglary, home invasion, grand theft auto, forgery, and arson. These types of crimes may be caused by factors such as high school dropouts, the population density per square mile, and people living in urban areas. The paper will focus on the crimes against properties such as larceny-theft, home burglary, and grand theft auto, not a person. Crimes…show more content…
This means that 63.3% of the variability of Crimes can be best explained by the values of x₁, x₂, and x₃. • According to the scattered plots for each independent variables, when property crimes goes up, the number of dropouts and the number of residents living in urban areas goes up. As for the population density, the slope of the line has a slight increase. Inferences about the Regression Coefficient • As stated above for the p-value, I was able to perform a hypothesis test for the regression coefficients of β₁, β₂, β₃. The coefficients of β₁, β₂, β₃ are the same as x₁, x₂, and x₃. This was examined by looking at the individual p-values to verify if these coefficients will be used in the model for explanation. • The overall F-test of the relationship between the property crimes committed and the percentage of dropouts, density and residents living in an urban area shows strong evidence that the number of property crimes has a statistically significant relationship to dropouts, density and urban area. • The statistical model for Dropout (x₁) shows that we are 95% confident that for each student that drops out of school, the Crimes will increase between 2,692,620 and 8,858,260 thefts. • For Density (x₂), the model shows that we are 95% confident that for the amount of people in the population per total square miles, the Crimes will go down between 299,260 and 87,100. • As for Urban (x₃), the statistical

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