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Serena Crowder October 13, 2010 AFAS 342-002 Yuxuf Abana “It was a common enough tale; no one would think it a paradox.” From the very beginning, it is extraordinarily easy to step into the mind of the main character and narrator Manon Guadet and how the world she lives in becomes an eerie reality. Deeper throughout the novel, there are many themes presented through Manon’s eyes. Through the use of many paradoxes, the themes of racism, gender oppression and marriage in Property, by Valerie Martin is ultimately connected with the institution of slavery in America. The aristocratic life of the early 19th century is defined in the use of these themes through the pictures they create. Not only do the themes cause the novel to…show more content…
The literary element “paradox”, by definition, is a statement that seems self-contradictory or absurd, but in reality expresses a possible truth. The theme of racism and marriage contains many paradoxes between Gaudet and her husband. “Manon Gaudet has no children, but her husband is not childless. It was a common enough tale; no one would think it a paradox.” (Martin, 29) The tension between Manon Gaudet and her husband heightens due to the fact that they have no children together. Even though Manon wants to bear no children from the man she despises, she still seems to undeniably hate Sarah. It is no wonder why Manon has hatred for Sarah, but she does nothing to change it for her unhappy self. At least in Sarah’s case, she attempts to escape from slavery. Manon does nothing but put the blame on her slave for the problems in her life and marriage. When, ironically, Manon brought Sarah into the plantation herself, when given her servant as a wedding gift. Almost as if she brought in the problem in her marriage herself. The way Manon punishes Sarah, blinds herself into not being able to realize the fact that her decisions are leading to her horrible marriage. Their slave/ owner relationship is more complex than many. The bitterness Manon feels for herself and her unfulfilled life, is channeled through a one-side rivalry for Sarah. The fact that Sarah has a deaf child, Walter, and Nell, a young baby girl
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