Property Law Questions

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There are two distinct types of property: real property and personal property. Real property is land and buildings on land. Examples of real property include houses and apartments. Personal property are valuable items that are not attached to a piece of land. Personal property includes items such as furniture, jewelry, computers, and clothing. (Sprankling, 2012)
Eminent domain is the legally permitted takeing of private property for public purposes (Kerekes, 2011). While I was living in Arizona, an eminent domain issues was actually voted on in the city of Mesa. The city of Mesa wanted to improve the overall value of the downtown area by demolishing some old neighborhoods and building a sports and aquatic center instead. The people voted for the demolishing, so all of the home owners were paid fair market value for their homes and required to move.
Adverse possession is a "method of gaining legal title to real property by the actual, open, hostile, and continuous possession of it to the exclusion of its true owner for the period prescribed by state law." (West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2). The elements of adverse possession are: Actual possession, hostile to the owners, continuous possession, and for the prescribed statutory time. With regard to the current foreclosure crises, it has forced the banks to ensure timely foreclosure actions taken on all properties to prevent any encroaches (Urban, 2013).
An example of a private nuisance could be a neighbor
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