Property Laws Essay

816 Words4 Pages We're all here on this earth using what we have. We've been taught that things we are given are ours solely to use for our own personal use and so we identify that with ownership. For instance when you're born there is a piece of paper created and somewhere along the way someone hands it to you and you believe that's yours. You're told what your name is. It's that is also yours but the thing about it is its intellectual property. It's owned by someone else. Under use of property laws everything created is owned by someone else. To put it a simpler way, I have nothing to do with anything that's out there at all…show more content… Here's the key the world is under martial law. It has already happened and it's over with, at least since World War One. Here in the USA we were the model for the New World Order of martial law. When we had Civil War the Lieber code was enacted. It's the law that the military has to follow. Within that code there's an article that says during war times the soldiers will protect the peaceful inhabitants. This code was reenacted under the League of Nations renamed The Hague Convention. The same rules still apply today. The peaceful inhabitants are non combatative users of property. In 1933 with the creation of the birth certificate and the Social Security number no one ever had to charge anyone else for anything else ever again. No one is liable. Source: It’s called social insurance. The reason this was done is we were at that time using gold and silver. People were accountable and things before. The Social Security and the birth certificate and that was damaging our brothers and sisters. We were accusing our brothers and sisters and creating more harm than
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