Prophet Research Form : Micah

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Prophet Research Form: Micah A. Settings
1. Political Situation – Micah prophesies during three kings of Judah; Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah., circa 740 BCE. Isaiah also prophesied in Judah during this period. Micah did not belong to the Jerusalem elite and as an oracle of YHWH he spoke of Israel’s religious sins. Micah viewed Jerusalem as morally corrupt where the rulers abused the downtrodden (not much has changed). He proclaims the end of Jerusalem because of the open market, (socialism was a nightmare in the future) from which Micah claimed all successful people (princes, judges, priests, and other prophets) were corrupt. This county boy prophesied to the poor that it was the fault of the corrupt that YHWH would destroy Jerusalem. There appears to be enough evidence that the Book contains oracles after his death, he remains another prophet proclaiming doom only to end with the redeeming salvation of the people.
2. Economic and social situation – During his lifetime of prophecy the area experienced economic wealth and enduring peace. He came before Josiah’s “discovery” and implementation of the Scroll found in the temple. He came when there was peace and prosperity, as the forbearer of catastrophic news. The temple was a house of idols and the people went to the “show” but did not follow YHWH. Micah made it a point to proclaim that YHWH didn’t want sacrifices, which contradicts the very edicts YHWH proclaimed. Micah wanted the people to return to a devotion to YHWH

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