Prophets: Idolatry, Social Injustice, and Religious Ritualism

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PROPHETS: IDOLATRY, SOCIAL INJUSTICE, AND RELIGIOUS RITUALISM BIBL 105 OLD TESTAMENT SURVEY PROPHETS: IDOLATRY, SOCIAL INJUSTICE, AND RELIGIOUS RITUALISM I will be honest. I really struggled through this section. I do realize the importance of this subject however; the “feel good” moments just aren’t there like when you read other books of the bible. I mean, idolatry and ritualism are subjects that can be incredibly dry. But when asked to make it parallel to events of today I have found it to be shockingly intriguing. For example, the prophets played a key role in attempting to turn Israel away from its disastrous path of worshipping false idols. I don’t know, maybe it was the fact that they were tangible? I know that easily, the…show more content…
Here we have direct access to God through Jesus Christ. Direct access, yet we choose folly. We choose to go after things we can hear, touch and see. What a great picture this painted showing God’s intense desire to turn us from false idols to him. A secondary issue that occurs when you worship anything other than the one true God is the fact that his teachings of unconditional love and using your money to help others goes right out the window as well. In Dr Ed Hindson’s Essence of the Old Testament text there is a striking story (page 370) about this exact situation. It says that Israel and Judah were having an incredibly prosperous time. But they had turned away from the Lord and were worshipping Baal. So apparently, according to the text, instead of crediting Yahweh with all this wealth they credited Baal and with that practiced perverse worshipping towards this false God. This led to dramatic social climate differences between the wealthy and the poor. The wealthy used their superior social status to take advantage of the lower class. Do we, yet again, not see this in our daily lives now? There are folks that have more money than they could spend in seven lifetimes yet just in my drive to work alone here in Pensacola, FL I can count at least a dozen homeless people. Where is the love? Where is the responsibility of taking care of the poor, the needy and the orphans? Unfathomable selfishness and greed were prevalent in this time and if we take a
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