Prophets In Egyptian Religion

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The prophet is a person chosen by God through whom He sends his earthly messages. In the three religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the prophets were the ones who laid the foundation, spread the word of God, and led congregations. The three faiths share many of the same prophets, like Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jacob and Joseph.The stories surrounding these prophets may slightly differ between what is found in the Hebrew Scriptures used by Jews and Christians, and the Qur’an stories believed by Muslims. Prophetic function has a special place in the Jewish religion, prophets are chosen people, with a special calling, among which were: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Iezichel, Jonah, Nahum Zechariah give and King David is considered a prophet. The prophets foretold Messiah, who would deliver God's people from the bondage of sin. Prophets could meet in extraordinary ways, some priestly functions, especially the sacrifice that was always of animal origin. A single case of human sacrifice is mentioned in the Old Testament, when Abraham receives the command to sacrifice his son, Isaac, but was stopped because God saw the proof of his…show more content…
His importance in Christianity is less important than in Judaism, as Jesus introduced a second covenant for the Christians. But still, the rules of the Ten Commandments have been central to Christianity all through the existence of this religion. Moses is of great importance in Judaism and Christianity, and even if the two religions share the same stories, they emphasize slightly different aspects of him. In Judaism he is the one leading the Hebrews (they were at his time not yet called Jews) to the promised land, he is the greatest prophet and teacher. In Christianity, the march to the promised land is of relatively less importance compared to the Ten
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