Prophets are Inspired Teachers and Proclaim the Will of God

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A prophet is a person regarded as an inspired teacher or proclaimer of the will of God. Prophets would speak for God, either declaring His message or conveying God’s future actions. The major prophets emphasized how God would hold all the nations accountable for their behaviors and policies; whereas the minor prophets emphasized how God holds all people responsible. Prophets often provided wisdom and further insight on particular issues that needed to be addressed. Such issues included, idolatry, social injustice, and religious ritualism. Ultimately, the teachings of the prophets offer relevant teachings that one can apply in his or her own life. Israel’s unfaithfulness towards God, proved the nation’s preoccupation regarading Idolatry. Hosea spoke out about Idolatry, as God used Hosea in a unique way. Hosea performed a symbolic act that far succeeded any dream or vision God could have commanded. God commanded that Hosea marry Gomer, a woman who was known to be both promiscuous and unfaithful. Hosea’s marriage can be seen as a parallel in relation to God’s relation with the people of Israel. Despite, Hosea’s efforts Gomer would still prove to unfaitful even after marriage. God had placed various symbolic significances in Hoseas’s life, even in the names of his children. Hosea used a metaphor regarding Israel to further present the covenant lawsuits he pursued. Hosea claimed Israel had committed “spiritual adultery”, and that had been done in four ways. To further

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