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In business, a request for proposal is a contract between two partners, or companies that one side offers the proposal while the other side will help to take care and mange that proposal to make it more successfully. This agreement is considered as a type of document which investors announce that funding is available for a particular project. Companies or investors have money, however the project is over their control because it requires a long and complex process. Therefore, a request for proposal is a need to help companies complete the project in a professional way to avoid risks, losses, and unexpected things might happen when processing proposal. The value and importance of a request for proposal depend on the size of organization.…show more content…
RFP provides different solutions and allows the supplier a means to establish, control, and monitor the performance (Cooper & Schindler, 2014). It will be not enough if this paper doesn’t mention to a need of a computer system and methods for facilitating a RFP. The computer system helps arrange all the data and numbers in a professional system so the bidders and others can follow what is going on with the RFP. All activities are done through computer system. For example, once a winning bid is determined and a contract awarded, payment and settlement of the terms of the RFP can be monitored and tracked. A central computerized system, such as a web site, provides the data collection, data storage, data manipulation, connectivity functions, and messaging protocols used by the participants in the RFP marketing process (Joseph, 1998). Purpose of a request for proposal Why business need a RFP? To satisfy customers’ needs and bring them the best services in order to achieve the basic purpose in business such as avoid wasting time, money and also plan for a long-term survival for that business, a RFP is really a need. Thus, a request for proposal is a need that an entrepreneur must have. It allows him to clearly communicate with vendors and other partners to develop the project. RFP simplifies is a research method which helps promisor and promisee prevent risks, reduce over-cost, and make the project becomes effectively as much as possible. At investors

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