Proposal & Annotated Bibliography Assignment: Capital Punishment

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Proposal & Annotated Bibliography Assignment: Capital Punishment

Proposal & Annotated Bibliography Assignment: Capital Punishment

By: Richard Dilay


I am proposing writing a research paper on the contemporary issue of capital punishment. While, capital punishment has been outlawed in Canada, it still remains a viable option in most parts of the World, including some areas of the United States. With the recent push by the Stephen Harper government, with their crime agenda initiatives, I feel it is an important area to explore, given that there has been a push to hold criminals for accountable for their actions through tougher sentences and punitive measures.

Additionally, capital punishment has always been a
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Rehabilitative models such as that employed by the Canadian penal system allow for the same level of deterrence and avoid the moral and ethical issues that arise from a capital punishment based one.


Radelet, Michael L, and Traci L Lacock. "Do Executions Lower Homicide Rates?: The Views of Leading Criminologists." Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology. 09.02 (2009): 489-508. Print.

One of the leading topics of debate concerning the issue of capital punishment is whether capital punishment existing deters criminals from committing serious and violent crimes such as homicides and sexual assault. This paper explores the findings and thought processes of some of the leading criminologists in the World and their interpretation of statistical data of homicide incidence rates. As I am exploring similar research in my paper, their findings can help me develop my own opinion on whether capital punishment is an effective and powerful enough deterrent to negate violent criminal activity or whether it would be prudent to avoid capital punishment altogether and follow an incarceration model such as that employed within Canada.

Gavrila, Adina Nicoleta. "Should the death penalty be abolished? Arguments for and against the centuries old punishment." Journal for Communication and Culture. 01.02 (2011): 82-98. Print.

Gavrila utilizes the statistical data and policy interpretation of the capital punishment model which is extremely pertinent to my

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