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Marketing Research Proposal for Stock Market | March 31
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Table of Contents
1. Stock Markets Background 3
2. Literary Review 3
3. The Management Decision Problem: 6
4. Market Research Problems and Objectives: 6 4.1Market Research Problem 1 7 4.1.1Market Research Objective 1 7 4.1.2 Market Research Objective 2 7 4.2Market Research Problem 2 7 4.2.1Market Research Objective 3 7 4.2.2Market Research Objective 4 7
Time Table of Research Report 8
Mind Map 9
Bibliography 10

1. Stock Markets Background
Stock Market (SM) is a health centric food outlet located within the University of New South Wales, upper campus in Mathews Food Court (MFC). SM entered the UNSW market in February 2008
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According to recent work conducted by Kim & Ng (2008), it is concluded that food quality is the strongest predictor of customer satisfaction and revisit intention. This finding is consistent with earlier work of Pettijohn et al. (1997) and Sulek and Hensley (2004).
Food service highlights the quality of service delivered by the staff, how helpful staff are to consumers and waiting time (Andaleeb & Conway, 2006). With service ranking second in importance in a study of college students at one US college, W.G. Kim et al. (2009) concluded that university foodservice operators needed to pay attention to courteous service, increased knowledge about food as well as neat appearance. Law & Hui (2004) found that waiting time was an area of service that could potentially increase the number of return visits during peak hours while also having a significant impact on customer satisfaction in all time periods.
Price has been shown to affect not only a customer’s ability to buy a product or service, but also the customer’s expectations of what they are buying which in turn affects customer satisfaction. Early research by Monroe (1989) suggests that consumers feel that price is an indicator of quality, which has the power to attract or repel customers. Customers typically have an internal reference price – that is, a price in the buyer’s mind that serves as a

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