Proposal For Designing And Developing An Integrated IS Strategy For WPTV

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Proposal For Designing and Developing an Integrated IS strategy for WPTV. 1. A summary of the current business processes. WPTV is a #1 rated TV station in West Palm Beach. It is dedicated to providing the most complete and current news coverage to it’s viewers through excellence in journalism. WPTV is actively involved in community service projects. (1) In 2007, WPTV was the 1st TV station to broadcast news in HD(high definition) making WPTV a leader in innovative technology. WPTV needs to increase viewers and viewer participation through the implementation of wireless applications and an interactive TV broadcasting. It has formed an interactive media development group to help aide in the incorporation and integration of an…show more content…
Social Media is “one of the hottest emerging industry trends- social tv.” This is characterized by customers using social networks to interact with other viewers about the program they are watching. The social buzz can drive ratings. Social Media links that will be implemented are Facebook which will be devoted to customer comments on news and other WPTV media. Twitter will be devoted to news that is intended to be passed around quickly. You tube will be used for audio and video clips. The internet can inexpensively increase WPTV visibility, reduce operating costs, increase revenue, expand customer base, easily and effectively target important market segments. The risks of internet exposure include: It’s effectiveness compatibility issue privacy concerns not understanding WPTV’s target audience failing to use the proper or most effective platforms to convey WPTVs messages over extending the projected budget costs of additional resources needed costs of the expert IT staff needed the extensive training of the staff The potential loss of trained employees who are unable to assimilate to the new business model. The development team must constantly monitor the stages of implementation to try to eliminate and avoid the potential risks. 4. Technical requirements(hardware, software, and other equipment) Hardware- routers, firewalls, digital switches, servers and workstations Network Elements- wireless, cable , satellite Mobile app- compatible with kindle, apple,

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