Proposal For Ell Children As Well As The Policies And Programs Essay

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This paper will be focusing on two articles that deal with Ell children as well as the policies and programs available for ell children. The two articles that will be discussed are Starting Early with English Language Leaners by Maggie Severns and Chapter Two from Menken, K. and García O. Book Appropriating Language Policy on the Local Level by David Cassels Johnson and Rebecca Freeman. These two articles provide us two different views on ELL services in two major cities in the United States which are Chicago and Philadelphia. Although these two articles discuss two different cities we are shown some of the similar views and struggles that they have with ell programs and policies. Therefore, this paper will explore the struggles of these ell programs as well as the policies and strategy of each city. The first article that is being discussed is Starting Early with English Language Leaners by Maggie Severns. This article discusses the creation of ell programs for children in Pre- Kindergarten classrooms in the state of Illinois. As Severns states “Evidence is emerging that children who are enrolled in English Language Leaner programs for long periods of time risk not learning other subjects at grade level. By fourth grade, the achievement gap between English Language Learners and their peers is larger than the gap between students on free and reduced price lunch and their peers. (pg. 1)” Thus the state of Illinois believed that it would be better to provide ell children with
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