Proposal For Employee Training And Support At Guaranteed Rate

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TO: Kasey Marty Executive Vice President of Secondary
FROM: Nico Nelson, Secondary Marketing Analyst

July 28, 2015

Proposal to Enhance Employee Training & Support at Guaranteed Rate

Attached is my proposal to change and enhance employee training at Guaranteed Rate for the mortgage originators. Employee training and continual education is extremely crucial in the mortgage industry especially for Guaranteed Rate. It is important because it allows all originators to know all current and changing guidelines for both Federal and State law. It helps them provide better customer service and it helps them understand the function and role they have with Guaranteed Rate. Offering continual education is highly important for all loan originators because they are required to have a minimum of 40 hours of training mandated by state law. Offering employees continual education and providing support for all new originators would add value to the firm in many ways.

The two main benefits would be to provide weekly online classes the outlines properly closing loans, understanding price for the investors that Guaranteed Rate collaborates with as well as understanding how to calculate their commission caps. This will make for an easy process for the Secondary team to properly asses their loans, the rate locks as well as approving or fencing price. The second benefit of weekly employee training will help all originators service the customers and better,

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