Proposal For Food And Beverage

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Linda Holland-Blackwell

HOSP 309

American Public University System

Food and beverage is an essential part of many meeting and careful planning can save a large amount of money. The planner must know how to negotiate and what to negotiate. Food and beverage is a part of an event that creates memories and provides a service that goes beyond just grabbing something to eat. The planner must know what to negotiate how to negotiate when it comes to food and beverage. Because every event involves food and beverage. It can be puzzling to some planners as to what is negotiable, prices caterers charge for their services, and where concessions are made. The Breaking Down Barriers Association (BDBA) is sponsoring an event at the Raleigh Convention Center, located in downtown Raleigh, N.C. The BDBA is a 6,000 member nonprofit association whose members are individuals from across the country. The BDBA was founded fifteen years ago by a group of individuals who specializes in racial inequality and saw the need to make a difference for future generation. Over 65% of the organization's membership are professional business people and the remainder of the association members are suppliers to the businesses. Although the majority are women, 45% of the members are male; 40% Caucasian; 37% African American; and 12% Latino, Asian, and Native American. Knowing the makeup of the organization is an important factor for
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