Proposal For Leadership And Management Development Programme

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Proposal for Leadership and Management Development Programme Background In the contemporary era of complex and fast changing world, very few managers are able to manage the volatile, complex and ambiguous employees. As quoted by Bass and Vaugen (1976),” the learning and development experience can bring a permanent change in behaviour, which can prove to be beneficial for the managers”. This leadership and management development programme is vital in the current expansion of this pharmaceutical organisation to perceive more engagement and performance based culture in the top 30 managers. Global managers are required to possess a set of competencies in order to meet business challenges, and are important to discover self and team’s strength…show more content…
The key priorities of a manager are: • Manage organisational growth and change. • Motivate the employee’s and subordinates. • Work effectively with the board of directors in achieving goals. • Strategically lead a organisation. Programme Objective Upon completion of this leadership and management development programme, managers will be able to understand the traits of being an effective leader to enhance employee’s performance, learn the basic principles and concepts of the pharmaceutical business, strategies to achieve company objectives and application of management development. The learning outcomes of this leadership and management development programme will be focused on a plan for discovering and practicing new leadership skills to resolve any issues emerging in the day to day activities in the organisation faced by the managers. Proposed Learning Objectives 1. Developing highly appraised skills of the managers. 2. Better understanding of strategic goals and personal behavioural profiles for self-improvement that will enable the managers to take positive actions in managing their personal styles or preference. 3. Leading innovation in the expansion of the organisation. 4. Being a critical thinker
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